2006 NFL Draft: The Reggie Bush Sweepstakes

If you weren't convinced of this kid's potential {at the start of|at the outset of} the {college or university|school} football year, after watching him blow by defenses in 2004, after watching his latter {video games|game titles} against Fresno State and scr888 UCLA, you have to be convinced now, right??

Current favorite: The {Harrisburg|Des moines} Texans

They shall be a few changes here, especially in the {training|instruction} department, as Dom Capers and his staff will either be shown the door at the end of the growing season or sooner. David Carr was supposed to develop into the franchise QB by now, but we really don't know how good {he could be|he's|he can} {due to} {absence|shortage} of talent around him. The Texans management still believe he has potential, so they won't be drafting his replacement 5 years ago.

Bush would give the team at least a watch-able player, something they don't have {right now|at this time}. Not sure about you, but Domanick Davis doesn't exactly find the juices flowing.

The {Bay area|S . fransisco} 49ers

This may be the best scenario for the {North park|Hillcrest} native since the hometown Chargers {will not|refuses to|will not likely} pick till late in the 1st round. {Likewise|As well}, he and last year's #1 pick Alex {Jones were|Cruz were|Johnson were} teammates at Helix High. near San Diego.

The 49ers were once a proud organization, and with an underrated {trainer|instructor|mentor} like Mike Nolan at the helm, all this individual needs {are not|are some} difference-makers, which Bush {is|is certainly|is almost certainly}. Interesting enough, the Niners face the Texans in week {seventeen|18|19}, possibly with the USC star as the {reward|award|winning prize} for the loser.

{We|I actually|My spouse and i} knew Direct TV offered Sunday Ticket {for whatever reason|for reasons uknown}.

Fresh York Jets

With the team having so much uncertainty {of their|of the} current quarterback situation, namely the health of Chad Pennington, {He|Shiny|Ellen} Leinart may be the more helpful choice. The Jets have Curtis {Matn|Charlie} in the backfield, and he can still run despite his age by evidenced by his {hurrying|hastening|flowing} title in 2004.

And with Eli Manning {featuring|acting|glancing} for the cross-town {Leaders|Titans|The big players}, the Jets would also {want to|wish to} have {an estampille|a timbre} signal-caller. But could they really pass on Rose bush??

Green Bay Packers

Omfattande Favre probably won't allow the Pack to {complete|end|surface finish} with the league's {worst type of|undesirable bad|undesirable} record, especially with longshots and Ravens remaining on the schedule. Who even knows yet if {he could|he will|quite possibly} be back next {12 months|yr|season}, as it's pretty much assured that head {trainer|instructor|mentor} Mike Sherman is a goner.

And the team certainly won't draft another QB, since Aaron Rodgers is the future, {We|I actually|My spouse and i} guess? If Favre {earnings|results|comes back} for another couple of years, he may never see the field.

The health of Ahman Green is also an concern, so Bush would be the perfect fit for GB. He'd also give Favre a dump-off {man|person|dude}, so hopefully, he {will not|refuses to|will not likely} {always|carry on and|still} throw into coverage. But old habits are hard to break, especially 14-year-old habits.

John Onan (ego74) is {a sports activities|a sporting activities|an athletics} writer and handicapper. This individual runs Ego Sports {Talking to|Asking}, where he offers {being successful|back again|hitting} sports picks for a very
{Whilst|Although|When} it's still quite a few months before the NFL Draft, with the regular season winding down, it's a good time every to take a glance at the {groups|clubs} who are "competing' for the league's worst record and the right to draft the lone "can't miss" {college or university|school} player, USC running back/receiver/kick return


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